Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Getting Juiced Up!

Hi everyone!

Just checking in for a little update.... Long overdue, I know. I will try to do better!

I have been keeping busy with the whole WELLNESS world.... Exercising 5 days a week, studying, juicing, making green smoothies, going to my yoga/wellness group (which I LOVE!), taking supplements, meditating . . . along with other non-conventional therapies I have started. Honestly, it is a full-time job trying to be diligent with my wellness. It is all-consuming!

In addition, this week I started my Vitamin C treatments. I get approx. 50,000mg via I.V. twice a week for five weeks. Then I will take a break for a week or so, and repeat the routine for another five weeks. After that, it will be sporadic I.V. treatments. So far the side effects have not been too terrible-- mostly just fatigue, which they say is normal. Today I had the therapy on an empty stomach, and I left there feeling a little nauseus and tired. When I got home I sacked out for two hours!

One of the fringe benefits of this therapy is that, since it takes an hour and half, it forces me to have some down time! I am using this time to work on the book I am writing (No Pouting, No Doubting) about my experiences in coping with cancer. I love writing and wish I could just work on it all day long. I am learning so much and I feel so blessed to be given this road to navigate, uphill though it may often be!

I wanted to say how grateful I am for all the work the Weathersby family is doing to put together these fundraisers for me! It is very humbling for me to have them--and many of you-- come to our aid like this. Scott and I are grateful also to all of you for your love and support. I could never endure all of this without you! Thank you so much!

I hope to see many of you Saturday (10/23) at the Weathersby ranch for movie night! It should be a great time!!

Love & Health,

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  1. You are awesome Jenny. Wellness is a full time endeavor and it's inspiring to see you commit to it. Sending happy thoughts your way!