Sunday, July 15, 2012

Baby Steps!! (a little good news)

Hey friends!!!

Here I am, making a long overdue post. :)
Just wanted to make a quick update. I had a PET/CT scan and also a brain MRI at the end of June. The results were a bit a good news... The brain MRI looks great-- no sign of recurrence (hallelujah!) ... The lymph nodes under the arms are now all clear. The SUV numbers, which reflect how aggressive or "hungry" the cancer is, are lower all over the board. Also, the number of lesions we have been watching has gone from 10 spots to just 4!! As you can see, definitely some good news!!
That being said, we are still keeping a close eye on the 2 spots on my sternum, as well as another couple of areas. We feel that the treatments prescribed by the Burzynski Clinic have been effective. We have spoken to my doctor their, Dr. Kubove, and have determined to keep on the same regime for the time being.
I appreciate all of the prayers and ask respectively that you keep them coming!
Below are a handful of photos I've been meaning to post since March.  Enjoy!
Me with Dr. Kubove, my head physician.

....with THE Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski
My Burzynski Clinic oncologist, Dr. Yi.

Let's kick it!!!