Sunday, November 21, 2010

Emotional Hangover!!


I want to thank EVERYONE who came out yesterday to the fundraiser at Adams Academy! It was a great time! I am forever indebted to all of those who did so much to put it together -- especially Tara McMurdie, Cheryl Weathersby, and Janna Carlos. I know there are TONS of others I am missing... I am so grateful to all of you who donated items, created items, or sacrificed your time to be there and to serve. It is all so humbling and overwhelming... I have cried so many tears of gratitude and they continue to flow. :')

One of the highlights of the day for me was signing the Pink Heals firetruck. It was an honor (an emotional one) to add my name to that beautiful rolling edifice.

I am grateful to Mrs. Malone and Mrs. Olson at the school for being there for us! I am also thankful for the Girl Scouts (Debi's girls!) who made those beautiful headbands and flowers, and the Junior Honor Society at Adams for all of their work in helping with setting up, with food, etc. There were so many young smiling faces there! It was beautiful!!

Lastly, I want to thank all of those who came out and showed support, whether bidding on auction items, taking a class, teaching a class, cutting hair, painting nails, giving massages (mine was DIVINE!), or just eating good food (Abuelos' salsa and queso! Que bueno!) and spending time with us. I am touched by the outpouring of love!

May all of you have the opportunity, at some time in your lives, to be the recipient of such love and service is my prayer. And if so, I plan to be there to "pay it forward." Thank you again!! I am blessed!!!



  1. Jenny- so glad that you have so much support!!!
    We think about you all of the time and hope things are going well. Have you gotten any more results on the scans? Last I heard from you some of the spots had disappeared.. is that still the case? I hope so! Love ya, Erin, Drew and Lucas... happy Thanksgiving!!