Saturday, September 18, 2010

Do it now... ask later!

My friend, Jenny, has a battle with Breast Cancer. She's a strong woman, and I fully expect her to come away from this blowing the smoke off of her pearl-handled pistols. She's chosen to do something that some haven't got the courage to do, but she feels strong and impressed to handle it this way. I'm not going to write what she's doing, I'm hoping that she will choose to share her story with her army of friends. An army that's standing behind her, ready and waiting for her command to join forces with her. Although this is a battle that in some ways, only she can fight, we can assist in other ways. I'm talking about ways to help her fight with the chosen arsenal (which will NOT, for the most part, be covered by insurance). I'm putting together some fundraisers that will be.... SO. MUCH. FUN!! Stay tuned for that!

I titled this post Do it now... ask later, because.... Jenny is NOT aware of this blog as I am posting this.... but she'll know soon. Wish me luck!

The name of this blog I took from a Facebook post by Jenny. She said "Got some serious breast cancer butt kickin goin on over here!" I loved reading that and thought it was a good theme for a blog... so... I did it!

All my love and support,
Cheryl Weathersby


  1. I'm up for fundraising and/or helping with whatever. Thanks for sharing the blog with me.

  2. Cheryl- let me know what I can do to help with the fund raising. I am willing and able.

  3. I'm in with whatever I can do to help!!

  4. Do I hear a car wash coming soon? Maybe a candle fundraiser? What do you have in mind? Oh! What about a 5K? Ready and willing...just need direction. I love this kind of stuff.

  5. Let us know. We would love to help! We love Jenny and want to help in any way we can.

  6. You are all so wonderful to me!! Thank you!!